Monday Art: I can’t believe I waited so long

I’m noticing these days that the more I paint with watercolors, the more natural it feels, and the easier it seems to just do it every day. It still amazes me constantly that I’m taking so well to the medium, after so many years of telling myself it would take too long to learn.

Fruit Slices painting

Fruit Slices

Last week and the week before, I was working on the family history comic. So when I got to watercolor class on Tuesday morning and Annette told us to create a series of apples and/or pears from our imaginations, I sketched out something comic-esque without even intending to. I hadn’t meant to tell a story with my fruits but I think you could read one into these panels, don’t you? Honestly, I find the beheaded pear rather poignant…!

Painting feels more meditative to me than drawing. It’s easier for me to remember, while painting, to enjoy the process without fixating on the product that may or may not be as I wish it. Watercolors cannot be rushed. I have to wait for each color to dry before applying other colors near or over it, otherwise I risk a blotchy mess. Or I can create blotches on purpose, which goes counter to my natural inclination for clean edges and smooth fields of color — and that’s useful practice also. Watercolor requires certain rituals, too, like pouring fresh water into my jar before I start, and cleaning my brushes after use. On several mornings I have slipped seamlessly from my morning meditation/quiet time to painting at my desk before breakfast.

Chodron quotationI find myself thinking in watercolors even when I’m using other media, like calligraphy inks and pens, or even crayons (which I did yesterday)! When I wrote out the quotation at left, I blended two colors of ink, which I neverΒ  before thought to try, but which seemed perfectly inevitable after so much paint-mixing this week. I’ll be experimenting with this more in future for sure.

Tomorrow’s Artist Date has lots of music and festive atmosphere — and I’ll show you my watercolor-inspired crayon drawing! πŸ™‚