Wednesday Craft: Finishing the wrist rests

Wrist rests

Completed wrist rests

Today I finished most of the wrist rests for October’s FabMo boutique. I’m very happy with them and I think their buyers will love them too. As I planned when I started, they all have removable, washable (or dry-cleanable) outer covers, and they’re accented with that cute new Satsumabug label! I left half of them unfragranced, and scented the other half with dried lemon verbena from our organic CSA box. Closer to the show date, I’ll also make some that are scented with grapefruit oil.

Wrist rest filling

What goes inside the wrist rests

To fill the rests, I make a blend of raw rice, flaxseeds, and buckwheat hulls, adding scent as desired. For the lemon verbena scent, I mix crushed dried verbena in with the usual fill material. When I use a scent oil like the grapefruit oil, I mix it into the rice first and then let it absorb for a while, so the oil doesn’t make greasy spots on the fabric. This is both a different mixture and a different scent process than what I do for eye pillows.

Wrist rest cover and inner case

Wrist rest cover and inner case

The rests themselves are simple pillows, much like the eye pillows. I chose sturdy, natural fabrics from my FabMo stash. Most of the fabrics are solids or simple prints, and I tried to make them coordinate with the fabrics for the outer covers. Having two layers of fabric (the inner pillow and the outer cover) between the user’s wrist and the filling also means it’s unlikely that users will feel any pokies from fill materials!

For the outer covers, I chose fabrics that I believe will wear well. People eat at their computers, spill things, forget to wash their hands, and so forth. I wanted the fabrics to hold up to abuse, but also to continue to look good even if they got a little dirty. I also wanted the outer covers to feel really nice on the skin, so I picked a lot of silk blends and other silky or fuzzy-feeling fabrics. The users’ wrists will be sitting on these rests for hours every day, and I wanted the fabric to be cushy and minimize friction.

A selection of fabrics

A selection of colors and prints

In total, I plan to bring about ten wrist rests to FabMoTAB. I have no idea how well they’ll sell, but we’ll give them a try and see how people respond! If they’re popular, I’ll invest in some other scented oils (I have my eye on an organic lemon eucalyptus essential oil!) and branch out into other fragrances. ๐Ÿ™‚