Wednesday Craft: How to outsmart an off day

If there’s one thing that living a full-time creative life has shown me, it’s that nothing is constant. Some mornings I wake up energetic and ready to work all day, and then I think, “This is easy!” Other mornings I do my best to fritter away the entire day on Facebook and computer games. There are as many varieties of productive moods as there are unproductive ones, and it’s a regular challenge to figure out how to make the best of each day, regardless of how I’m feeling.

Sheer mini pouches

Mini pouches made from sheer mesh fabrics

This morning was one of the unproductive ones. I’m on my period, which nearly always means I don’t want to do anything, and I was silly enough to schedule a medical appointment in the middle of the day. I don’t like going to the doctor, and this was an appointment I had to prepare for, in an office I hadn’t been to, so it had me jittery and highly distractible (and if that’s not a word, it should be). It took me two hours to get around to my morning pages, and when I did, I stopped halfway through to reorganize my eye-pillow-making supplies and check my email. See? Totally distractible.

Preparing to fill a wrist rest

Preparing to fill a wrist rest

But as always, my morning pages helped me get perspective. As I wrote out my restlessness, I saw the foolishness of letting my work get sidetracked by a mood I’ve had before and will no doubt experience again. Why not figure out how to work with a jumpy attention span, instead of just giving in to it and playing Freecell until my appointment? So I made a list of things that would be easy and interesting to do, that wouldn’t take much time to complete and wouldn’t be harmed if I did end up leaving them halfway:

  • the ever-useful mini pouches
  • ironing, measuring, and cutting for some new yoga totes
  • decluttering the shelves by my computer desk
  • researching scent options for wrist rests
  • looking up how to make a particular type of pillow opening, for wrist rests and eye pillows
Filled wrist rest

Filled wrist rest (jars from L to R: flaxseeds, buckwheat hulls, scented rice)

As it turned out, I had time to research scents, look up how to do the pillow opening, make a few mini pouches, and experiment with a grapefruit-scented wrist rest, as shown in the photos. I’d love to sell wrist rests at the FabMo boutique, but the fragrance process will be different than in my eye pillows, so I’m still testing. Right now my entire computer area smells like grapefruit, but when I pick up the wrist rest for a sniff, it smells like grapefruit and buckwheat. Hmm! (On the other hand, my wrist itself smells almost edible!)

So it hasn’t been the most productive day, but in the past I would have done nothing and written the day off altogether. I’ve made some inching progress toward my FabMo inventory and oh! I’ve had a phone conversation with someone who wants to sell my bags in a local green-minded shop, on consignment, so that’s proving an interesting learning experience too. Something new every day.

In other news, I’ve created a super-quick survey about wallets, since I’d like to make some for the FabMo show. If you’ve got a minute, please share your input!