A new green marketplace

I’m pleased to report that I am almost done with the onerous fabric reorganization I’ve been working on for days. After cleaning and pressing this month’s FabMo fabrics, I sorted them into the bins along with my other fabrics, and today I finished the swatches for a whole four of these bins. Now I only have one bin left. Hooray!!! I’m afraid I’m sadly behind on this month’s action plan, but it’ll be such a relief to get these materials sorted out. When I was at yoga tonight, my teacher Rachel observed, “Wow, you’re really tight today!” That’s what I get for skipping Monday yoga and spending so much of the week hunched over my desk!

cosa verde

In other exciting news, thanks to a tip from Jenn of Art by Zahrt, I’ve joined Cosa Verde. I’m slightly at a loss for how to describe it. Technically I suppose it’s an advertising site: it doesn’t actually sell any of the items listed, but redirects would-be buyers to the sellers’ Etsy, Artfire, Bigcartel, etc, shops. But it feels a lot like a cleaner (less cluttered) Etsy, with shops and features and all that. I admit that at first I only joined because it was free and provides more exposure for my shop, but now that I have explored it a little, I’m super-excited. For one thing, unlike mega-marketplace Etsy, it’s still small; a search for “makeup pouch” turned up only my Tropical Rainstorm pouch and one other. Moreover, prospective sellers have to be approved, so the photo and product quality appear so far to be very high. Best of all, its focus is exclusively on handmade and eco-friendly goods! I hadn’t realized quite what an amazing thing this was until I started searching for items, and it suddenly hit me that it was like searching a highly filtered version of Etsy (except that it searches other sites besides Etsy). Time will tell how well they do, but I know that Cosa Verde is now going to be my first stop when I need to buy something online.

Oh, and one more thing! My Drawgasmic piece is now live online. The scan isn’t quite as crisp as I’d like, but oh well. My art is public! ๐Ÿ˜‰