Grand days out

UCB campus sketch

Berkeley campus sketch

Spent the day out yesterday again. This is now my Monday routine, and I must say I’m really starting to enjoy it. The weather was beautiful, sunny with a regular breeze, so that the 5-odd miles of walking that I did were no chore. I didn’t have much concentrated alone time, but I made sketches on the train and on the campuses of UC Berkeley and the Pacific School of Religion. Each time I go out, I find new places to sketch, and this pleases me no end.

It was a comfortably creative day, what with all the sketching, and meeting with a fellow writer who will be doing the VONA residency with me in two weeks. It’s the first time at VONA for both of us, and since neither of us are staying on the USF campus, we aren’t sure what to expect from the experience. It seems we’re only required to be on-campus for a few hours a day, if even that, so we’re curious to see whether we get our money’s worth in writerly feedback, inspiration, and community.

Gift certificate

Satsumabug gift certificate

Today, I’ve tidied my workspace a bit and relisted the above gift certificate in the shop (with new photos), and I’m hoping to photograph my new yoga totes and maybe even list one of them.