Foundation day

Zip pouch and ornament

Tropical Rainstorm pouch & Golden Bloom adornment

Mondays always feel like such lost work days. The truth is that I spend them doing foundation work, which is the kind of activity that can only be called satisfying if the “satisfying” is preceded by “glumly.” It’s all very important, but there’s little triumph in it. I sent my Body Buddy a long check-in email (probably too long, I’m afraid), went to Yoga Tune-Up to reset my body (owww, we did so much hamstring work today), ate three square meals and a mango for a snack, talked to my best friend on the phone for an hour, listed two items in the shop, did my Weekly Review, and took an evening ramble with Erik (where we encountered four placidly chewing cows. Cows scare me a little just because they’re so damn huge.). It wasn’t a bad day; certainly it was productive and useful. But as I pointed out once, in movies, days like this get put into montage. There’s just no glamour in the work.

On the other hand, it’s good to be alive and working and walking and eating and loving and thinking in the sunshine and breeze of the Bay Area in May. There are people who would give anything for a day like this; at some point in my life, I may be one of them. So rejoice! It’s a beautiful day.

In other news, I’m thinking I’m probably too late to apply properly for this incredible residency, though I might give it a shot anyway. And it occurred to me while looking over the Drawgasmic guidelines that I’m going to have to make my piece really soon, because they need it to arrive by June 1, no exceptions, and so I’ll need to send it well before then just to be safe. I’ve been thinking I’d like to do something sort of organically comic-y, but I don’t have any concrete ideas yet.

Want to help me plan my Drawgasmic piece? I sent them my flickr art set as a portfolio, and I do feel it covers the range of what I do. Which of those drawings do you like best, and why? What would catch your eye if posted on a wall along with 500 other artworks of the same size and shape (yes, they’re up to 500 participating artists… and counting!) — if that’s even possible? What would make you stop, ponder, and gaze? Obviously I won’t be replicating any of those drawings, but it’d be great to hear your thoughts on what appeals!