A little strawberry

I didn’t sleep well last night. When I woke up this morning, I felt as dizzy as I had on any morning in Hong Kong. Rats. Add rain, and you get a recipe for a sluggish work day.

It was a slow day, and I had a really hard time concentrating on anything, but I wasn’t idle (though I wanted to be!!). I baked yeast bread (two loaves and a panful of rolls), cooked, and did an hour of gentle yoga at home because I felt too unsteady to drive to Yin Yoga in Hercules. I wrote my second Hong Kong LJ entry. I also picked up some embroidery again, the first good bit of crafting I’ve done since we left for HK. I didn’t have a solid idea of what I wanted to make, so I dug through my scrap bag and found a sleeve from my Shra-sister’s felted sweater that I made Al-sister’s octopus from. I wrestled it into my smallest embroidery hoop (this required pliers! because the felt is so thick), and satin-stitched a strawberry with dainty little leaves and tiny seeds.

Later, I started to feel incredibly cold, so I rather offhandedly wondered whether the sleeve could be made into a hand warmer… then realized it wasn’t a bad usage for this funny strawberry-adorned scrap of felt. I brought it to my sewing machine, and many machine stitches and a little bit of hand sewing later, I had a funny strawberry-adorned mitt. I don’t know that it really kept my hand all that warm, but it made me smile to look at it, and that’s something.

Then I tried to embroider something else and it didn’t come out nearly as cool as my strawberry. Plus I got tired of hunching over, so I left it. I’ll have to tidy up the flosses from my desk before I go to bed.

I love making odd little things like the octopus and this mitt, but I wouldn’t want to make such items for my shop. They don’t fit the Satsumabug aesthetic as it currently stands. I suspect there might actually be more of a market for this style of cutesy-quirky than there is for my Satsumabug style, but I love that I have the freedom to just make these silly fancies whenever the mood takes me, instead of feeling obligated to turn out a certain number of them for public consumption. They will remain my special side craft for personal projects and gifts for friends. 🙂