The post-HK travelogue plan

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The day before yesterday, we arrived back in the Bay Area from Hong Kong. There is so much I have to say and show you about this trip, but for now I’ll just say: it was wonderful.

HK view

View from our hotel room, first morning in HK.

I took more than 600 pictures, made a few sketches, and wrote as much as I could every day (which sometimes meant only a hasty bullet-pointed half-page in the evening). I’m still very jet-lagged — it doesn’t help that we had to drive down to San Jose yesterday so we could take my parents to the airport at 5 this morning, for their vacation — and so I’m holding off on blogging and posting pics, so I can do them full justice when I’m a little more coherent.

The plan is as follows: six entries on my LiveJournal for each of the six full days we had in HK, bookended by an introductory post and a concluding one. That makes eight days of entries, and I’ll upload photos to flickr as I go. Probably this will amount to a mini-novel, but it’s as much a personal travelogue as a public account of our trip, and I think a first international journey is worth remembering in detail. 🙂

In the meantime, I’ll be doing my best to stay upright while my body works its way out of its jet lag!