The pouch that launched a thousand pouches… or at least it felt like it!

custom pencil pouch

custom pencil pouch!

I’m so tired! Normal life + preparing for Hong Kong is totally kicking my butt. There’s so much I want to write here but I’ve got to go to bed before I conk out on my keyboard.

However… just wanted to share a pic of a custom pencil pouch I finished tonight. 🙂 My friend has been super-patient about waiting for it, and I’m so happy to be able to send it to her at last! This is the custom request that launched all my zip pouch adventures, starting from my traumatic first zipper experience more than a month ago, to whipping up a bevy of pouches for Craft Happy, to this afternoon’s two-person hijinks trying to get the dimensions of this pouch just right (I didn’t quite succeed, in spite of Erik’s breaking out the big guns: high school trig). Well, little pouch, you have taught me quite a lot in the past couple of months. I salute you!