Much cause for gratitude today

I’m so thankful for my weekly Yin Yoga class, where I get to slow down and stretch out for an hour every Wednesday evening. Yin Yoga is a very slow, meditative practice, in which restorative poses are held for longer periods (3-5 minutes is our usual) to allow the connective tissues to loosen; it’s just what I need midweek after all my crafting! And our class is a cozy little community of regulars who know about (and support!) my shop, so I can chat with them about my day’s activity. That doesn’t sound like much, but this kind of simple interaction is something I’ve really come to appreciate since I started working from home. When I worked at the literacy center in the public library, I loved meeting up with other library staff in the break room for a quick “how’s your day going?” exchange. We could vent, commiserate, or congratulate each other on our various incidents (and in a public library, there are always incidents!). These days, I don’t have that instant physical access to colleagues, so I really love going in every Wednesday night and having people ask me how my shop is doing. It’s the same reason I treasure my talks with Erik, or my conversations with fellow crafters like Mouse Market and Jinny. Having some kind of work community is important, and I’m so grateful for mine.

sewing organizer I did a good bit of hand sewing today, which gave me a chance to fully enjoy the new (old!) vintage sewing organizer I picked up at Saturday’s White Elephant Sale. Seriously, this organizer is genius. It’s made of cheap plastic and it cost me $1.50, but I can already tell it’s going to make my life so much easier. It has space for 20 spools of thread, 12 bobbins, 3 thimbles (I can’t imagine why anyone would need more than one?), and my pincushion, pins, needles, machine feet, seam ripper, and scissors (they only kind of fit, but that’s okay). Before, all these things were scattered helter-skelter over my sewing table in various dishes and holders, which was really a disaster waiting to happen every time I maneuvered fabric over the table surface. But now, everything is neatly corralled and in its own (very clearly defined) space. Best of all, the organizer has a little handle in the center, so if I need it out of my way, I can just relocate it. It’s completely brilliant, and I still can’t believe I got it so cheaply at that sale. Thank you, thank you, to whoever donated it! It’s exactly what I need by my side every time I sit down to sew. 🙂

As for all that hand sewing, I finally got around to trying out the hair clips I bought a couple of weeks ago. red hair flowerI made a new silk flower, hand-stitched the clip and a brooch backing to it, and voilà! A fabulous accessory that doubles as a brooch and a hair ornament. I’ve never been a hair-fancies girl (well, unless you count those ubiquitous scrunchies in the mid-90s), because all the ones I’ve seen have been either not to my taste or quite expensive, but now that I can make my own, I’m totally hooked. I even wore this one to yoga today, where I’m pleased to report it stayed in place nicely. In fact, I’m loving the hair clip so much, I might even have to make some more flowers for Craft Happy to supplement the three I have now. All that hand stitching is a bit of a pain, but I guess that’s the price I pay to feel like the spirit of spring. 🙂

I also decided, this afternoon, that my current squatting method for outdoor work (spray-gluing, sanding, spraying acrylic sealer onto decoupage) really isn’t sustainable, since I have to fight the breezes when I’m working with so much paper. (Squatting is good for the body, but it makes it so much harder to get up and run after newspapers when they fly away!) So I went out after lunch for a round of the local thrift stores, to try and find some sort of folding table or equivalently mobile stands-and-platform setup. I didn’t hold out much hope, since I’ve never before seen an affordable, sturdy table at any of my regular stores, but luck was with me today! Not only did I score a folding card table for $10 (it’ll be perfect as an outdoor workstation and a display table for the fair!), I also got a set of three clear plastic drawers that will be ideal for storing trims and sewing notions. And as icing on the cake, the Goodwill store was playing one of my recent favorite songs while I was there. Really, it was pretty amazing.