Sick day

Sick today. Mildly sore throat, a little head-y (that’s how I always think of it), kind of tender and fuzzy all around. I’ve been sick several times this winter, which is unusual for me, but there you have it. Actually I’ve been sick much more frequently since we moved back to the Bay Area, so maybe it’s just my body readjusting after five years in warm LA. Anyway, each time it’s happened, I’ve had to remind myself that all usual rules go out the window when I’m sick. No, I do not need to be down on myself for skipping a workout; I need rest. No, there’s no need to worry about calories; I need nourishment. No, I shouldn’t feel bad for not getting in a full work day; an afternoon of crafting is perfectly commendable when I’m feeling kind of achy and tired all over!! I really am my harshest critic, and I don’t take breaks either — I get the full dose of my inner censor every waking moment of every day.

sunset flowerSo, as I say, I did get in an afternoon of crafting. I had all these other things planned, but I decided to try making some flowers, and it was such fun I ended up making two, which will go into the Craft Happy inventory. I cut synthetic fabrics into circles, burned the edges (as explained in this post) to prevent fraying and give a cool petal-like look, then stitched them together, tucking and gathering each layer for a fuller appearance. On the golden flower I used beads for the center; on the rosy one I used a vintage button and a new bead.

I haven’t yet attached backings to these flowers, but following a brilliant suggestion from new mama Alison, I’m going to put a brooch backing AND a hair clip onto each. Now I just have to go buy the clips.

I first fell in love with floofy fabric flowers while browsing Cultivar a year ago, so I am delighted to be experimenting with making my own.

That’s it for tonight. Good night and happy weekend!