I feel good

It’s about clock-out time and I’m still feeling fairly energetic, which has to be a first for this week. Maybe it’s the 90-minute yoga class this morning?… or the solo Thai lunch I took afterward. Either way, I’m grateful for the good feeling and grateful it’s Friday, since I’ve got some fun things planned for the weekend. Oh, and Kimber gave me some lovely old silk shirts to cut up. ๐Ÿ™‚ So my fabric stash expands yet again!

The house smells like Mod Podge. I will have a chocolate cupcake (no frosting) to counteract this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think the various working out I’ve been doing lately (dance cardio, climbing, Yin yoga, Upeksha yoga) has made me tons stronger. We did a very intense backbending and shoulder-opening yoga class today, and I stuck right with it and got up into both an assisted handstand and an assisted full wheel pose. All this put me into kind of a yogic daze, so after class I wanted to stay in Berkeley and take some quiet time rather than getting on the freeway and going home to eat leftovers. I sat down in a Thai restaurant I’ve always wanted to try (so-so, but cheap!), and ate noodles and brainstorm-sketched my Valentine’s Day card. Sometimes it’s just tremendously restorative to go someplace new and be waited on while doing something creative, especially right after yoga… I’ve had some really good brainstorming sessions that way!

Got home and took an Etsy interlude before returning to the Valentine. I actually took a bunch of reference photos to use while sketching, and that worked very very well, especially because I pretty much knew what to draw and just needed a little help with certain details. As always, working on my annual Valentine makes me laugh. My friends always say the card makes their day better, and it’s really no wonder — I so enjoy drawing it. I really want to show you the preliminary sketches, but it’s my rule that no one ever sees the Valentine before it goes out on the 14th. (I break this rule every year because I just have to show it to someone and so I share it with Erik. But no one else!!) So you’ll have to wait another week-and-a-bit before I unveil it here.

As for the shop interlude, I spent it taking photos of last night’s cash apron and listing the meadow cash apronapron on Etsy. Mo has been advising me to list some aprons in the shop for a while now, so last night I finally took her advice and made one. I chose a fabric I bought last month at a San Jose thrift shop. After I made the apron, I realized there was a very slight bit of discoloration on the white flowers on one of the front apron pockets. Argh. It’s hardly noticeable (that section is visible in the photo at right, by the pen clip — can you see it?), but I priced the apron a little lower than I otherwise would. Let this be a lesson to me to always look over vintage and secondhand fabrics in bright light before I start using them for projects!!

Staining aside, I’m happy with how the apron turned out, and am looking forward to making some new ones. A straightforward apron like this one takes me less than two hours from start (ironing the fabric) to finish (clipping the last threads); it’s a fun and useful project to do in an evening… I get practice in accurate measuring, cutting, and pinning, and in sewing straight seams!

I also did some more decoupaging today, which is why everything smells like Mod Podge. It’s slow going, but as I said yesterday, I do enjoy it very much. And after last night’s clock-out I had the idea of using waxed paper underneath the drying boxes, and this is good — there won’t be the danger of them sticking to the newspapers or the table while the Mod Podge de-tackifies.

Happy Friday, all!