Very Etsy day

Whew, I’m tired. This morning I checked the Etsy forums soon after getting up and found out there’s a trade event going on all weekend, where sellers trade each other for their creations. I have spent several hours today browsing others’ sites and proposing/discussing trades! It’s fun, but it sure does take a lot of computer time.

I took a bit more time on Etsy business today, photographing my recently made brooches and listing one in the shop. I’m going to take other sellers’ advice and space out my listings more this time, instead of posting everything at once. I think I’ll do one more tomorrow morning, and perhaps the last one in the evening. I’m really happy with my new photos though; I took a lot more time with them, and followed some tips I’ve found, and I think they came out a lot better. A detail example from a brooch I haven’t listed yet:

sparkly brooch detail

I also worked my way through more stuff on the action lists today, including lots of sorting and tidying for the crafting supplies reorganization, and some reading.

It’s strange, but every Saturday morning I am always so excited because usually that means a full workday. I tend to schedule a lot of classes and appointments on weekdays, so my work time always gets interrupted then, while weekends either mean full socializing or full worktime. But then what’s even more strange is that on Mondays I look forward to starting the work week again too. This “doing what I love” business can be very bizarre at times!