Lesson learned: No brainstorming and critiquing right before bed

Last night I spent a couple of hours soliciting, reading, and giving shop critiques on the Etsy forums. This was excellent, but after I went to bed I realized something. It is not conducive to mental relaxation to be in brainstorming and critiquing mode right before bedtime. (Also, I’m supposed to be powering off the computer well before I go to sleep.) My brain has a hard time transitioning out of the activity, so I end up lying awake thinking of other things I could be doing for my shop. It’s nowhere near as bad as the bedtime mind-racing that used to happen before I implemented David Allen‘s organization system, but it’s not calming, and it’s also somewhat superfluous — I’m trying to spend less time on the shop, not more.

So, new rule: no Etsy forums after dinner.