Sleep deprivation bad

Just wrote a bit about sleep deprivation on my personal blog.

I’m clocking out now because I did sort of have a work day this afternoon, after our friends left. Mainly, I spent three hours online browsing the Etsy forums and even participating in them. I’ve been in the forums before, but only to check out specific posts linked from other sites; I’d never searched them myself. I kept seeing other sellers advise forum participation as a great way to get exposure for the shop, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it: it’d take too much time, and I felt sure the threads would be both unhelpful and silly (as is so often the case on teh internets). But they weren’t! They were fascinating and extremely helpful, and that’s how I got sucked in for three hours. At least I got the “too much time” part right. ;b

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My favorite Forums section turned out to be Critiques, which I’d heard of before and dismissed as too scary. What I hadn’t realized was that there are many different kinds of critique threads. I ended up doing a bunch of “say one thing about the shop of the person who posted before you”-type threads, and the responses I got were very reassuring. I guess I don’t need to be worrying so much about whether people like my shop, because it seems that they do. So that got me thinking, maybe my low sales are just because (a) I’m still new and haven’t yet built a following, and (b) I haven’t yet targeted the right audience. Well, that’s fine. I bookmarked a bunch of threads that can help me with improving the shop AND with marketing, and I plan to continue visiting the forums regularly from now on. Exciting!

One more thing I’ve learned from this weekend: my action lists are the only thing standing between me and panic. When they’re updated and complete, I can relax, but when I’ve accumulated lots of new to-dos and haven’t yet transferred them to the action lists (this is where I am, right this second), I begin to feel that “omg too much to do aaaaghhh” sensation again. So maintenance is not just helpful, it’s crucial to my new system.

Oh, and speaking of organization: I just found out today that 64-quart clear plastic bins are on sale for $5 at Staples until the end of the month. I might need to go in and buy a bunch of those soon — I am looking for just this kind of thing for the craft-supplies storage reorganization I am working on. I just need to check my fabrics to see how many bins I’ll need, and then I will go barging into Staples and come out with more bins than you can shake a stick at. Huzzah!