Yesterday’s clock-out: the unexpected happens. twice.

Yesterday started well. I got some work done in the morning, went to yoga, did good morning pages, and had a fun singing lesson. I arrived home about 4 PM all ready to overhaul my crafting space and make some new pins for the shop… but from there the day just got crazy. I was about to start work when I stopped to pet Tisha and recoiled quickly in shock and horror. The day before, he’d had a little bloody spot on his neck, but was acting fine, so we decided to just keep an eye on it. Now, I saw a furless spot about 1.5″ diameter, red, swollen, and bloody. We took him to the vet, where they told us it was an abscess and would need surgery, and Tisha would have to stay there overnight. So we returned home with an empty carrier and plenty of tension and anxiety.

As if that weren’t enough, later that evening I had the worst upset stomach I’ve ever had — and I’ve had quite a lot of stomach troubles in the past year. Let’s just say it was worse than my colonoscopy prep and lasted almost as long. Amazingly, I did actually get some work done in between episodes — scanned in and edited some old family photos, and began the process of overhauling the craft area — but it wasn’t much.

Today, I’m still feeling emotionally and physically drained, and that weariness combined with yesterday’s events makes me very wary of planning anything. We’ll just do our best today and see how it goes.

We’re going to pick up Tisha from the vet’s in a little bit.