I’m at the right place for 36 hours pre-FabMo

I’m tired. I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, but I still feel good, because even if I had to go to FabMo rightnow with what I’ve got and what I’ve done, I could do it and it’d be fine. And that’s the feeling I want, 36 hours before the event!!

Here’s what I did today:

  • Morning pages
  • Checked my email and found out the lovely Jennifer made my first Satsumabug purchase! So excited, I made her a gift pouch, wrote her a note, packed up her tote and ran out to ship it. While I was out, I also picked up my pills and our week’s cash, and my stash of cash for FabMo, so I got my errands done first thing, and that was good.
  • Sewed two more omiyage pouches. The first one was almost fun, while the second one was so insanely time-consuming (and came out a little bit off, though it’s still beautiful) that I just gave up on making the third one I’d planned. I already had the pieces cut out — and I’ve already done the first sewing step — but I just could not bear to make another pouch. The one I did make took me somewhere between three and four hours! But it’ll be fine — one of my cake plates is just the right size for displaying one pouch, so my display won’t suffer.
  • Did everything for my signage except spray-glue the printouts to the Bristol board. I’ll do that tomorrow.
  • Got my Ideas document down to the display/day-of section.
  • Began packing.
  • Printed out all remaining price signs and description/care tags.
  • Wrote price tags and tied them to products.
  • Emailed Sarah & Holly about the raffle.
  • Wrote a good journal entry on the crafting crash course this exhibit has given me!

It’s a good day’s work, and satisfying, but there’s much to be done tomorrow. I still haven’t tried out my display, and I need to prep a rug, spray-glue my signs, pack everything, prepare for Saturday (breakfast and driving directions, clothes, etc), ready the guest room for Jackie, and sew all my freebie pouches. But I will do it! And I intend to go to both Kimber’s class and Rebecca’s Bollywood dance class, too, to unwind. We’ll see how it goes!