I don’t get much done today

Slow day today, not totally unexpected for a first day back. Woke up not too late, after my first decent sleep in days, and wrote out almost a full morning pages of the night’s dream before heading out for a walk with Erik. When we got back, I didn’t feel like finishing up the pages with my thoughts on Farm Sanctuary, nor did I want to do much else. I checked email, updated my syllabus, updated the bugdet, looked through the week’s grocery ads, cut decoupage scraps, and did whatever else I could to avoid doing anything of substance — though of course all this is important foundation work that must be done.

After lunch, I attempted some wallpaper takeaway bags for FabMo and, seeing how poorly they turned out, decided against making my own. I thought I’d found a good website for buying 100% recycled bags and tissue paper, when I realized the shipping charges would bring the cost up to $1 per customer (it was 39¢ before shipping!). Later this week I will go to Michaels and Party City to see if they have any bags for less than that, and will try to think up a good phrase to use on customers to convince them not to take a bag (while not making them feel bad if they do need one).

That is pretty much all I did today. I finished Terrier, which was excellent, and you can see I’ve skipped drawing studio… I think it’s the weather, much as anything else. It’s completely overcast and it’s windy, so everything feels hollow and dull. I plan to spend the evening cuddled with Erik, watching Clueless and eating applesauce, and going to bed early afterward.