Crafting day: Two very different bags with linings

Forgot to clock out again yesterday. Had a walk in the morning, which again left me feeling very capable and well oxygenated. Spent the rest of the day in sewing projects of my own interest, with reasonable (if not resounding) success.

First I tried one of the more complex omiyage pouches, one that involved sewing together thirty small strips of fabric, gathering them, making a little button and sewing it to the bottom of the pouch, gathering a lining and sewing it to the inside of the pouch, making and attaching drawstring hem pieces, and making cloth beads for the ends of the drawstrings (thank GOD, the drawstrings themselves were a breeze this time; I am SO thankful for the yarn darning needle I picked up at an estate sale a while back). This does sound quite complicated now that I type it all out. It seemed very simple while I was first reading the instructions, which is how I got into this in the first place. It was not that complicated to carry out but as usual some of the instructions were confusing, so that I sewed the little button on the way I thought it should go (but not the way the instructions read, at least not in my interpretation), and I ended up with about an inch and a half of hem that was not covered and I had to kind of fudge finishing it. In the end the pouch took me something like four hours. I am not sure whether future versions would take as long. I’m kind of afraid to try it again. The pouch is awfully cute, but with that kind of time investment I can’t even bother trying to sell these… unless I make bigger versions as purses, perhaps? It’s no use trying to charge $50 for a small one but maybe I could get away with $60 or $70 for a bigger one. And forget FabMo, unless I can make a much simplified (no panels) version with thinner fabric at the gathered areas (lining, base, and drawstring hem). I may try that, if I am feeling up to it!

The second project was meant to be a skirt (I have been wanting to try out a no-pattern skirt for the longest time), but before I could get to that I thought it would be fun to make a simple tote bag with lining. I don’t know whether it’s because I am apparently totally disabled when it comes to spatial perception, or whether it’s because I was determined to do this myself instead of consulting a book (actually, these two things are related), but this was NOT a simple project. I could not figure out how to do the lining in an elegant way, so I did it inelegantly (actually, you kind of can’t tell, but I’m not satisfied), and also wrongly at least twice, so that I had to take out lots of stitches and redo things. I tried quite hard but proved completely incapable of visualizing how things would fit together past about the second step; hence, all the re-dos. I’m still not quite finished with the bag yet, but it’s cute and has the (unintended) additional benefit of being reversible. But I will certainly consult a book before I try this again!!


I’ve finished the bag. Here’s a photo:

Reversible tote bag

Reversible tote bag