Eye pillows!

I’m tired. The last half hour of sewing eye pillows really used up my last reserves, I think; I was fine until then. This was my first attempt to spend a day doing art in the morning and crafting in the afternoon. It worked, but reinforced yet again that things just take a long time. I spent the morning doing morning pages, writing a journal entry, doing drawing practice and a self-portrait (see previous entry), but I was not able to get to the three other items on my to-do list. In the afternoon I did singing practice and cut, ironed, and sewed many eye pillows. I think I now have enough for the FabMo exhibition; I just need to fill them, and make more out of non-FabMo materials to post on Etsy.

They look rather nice though, don’t they? I may be exhausted, but I am very pleased.