Retroactive clock-out from yesterday

Yesterday I didn’t get as much done during the day as I hoped. I did my morning pages and then pretty much just played Aveyond, with some decoupage prepping and reading L M Montgomery’s The Blue Castle (which is my new second-favorite LMM book, after Jane) to supplement. Did a bit of laundry too, and some cooking for dinner. I had some good ideas though, and a good portrait class:

The model is the husband of last week’s model, Joanna.

Jeff encouraged us to try drawing in pen, so I borrowed one from him and used my own .005 to do this drawing:

The pens also came in handy toward the end, when I was just really tired and didn’t feel like drawing properly in pencil. I did a superfast sketch — deliberately cartooning rather than trying to get all the details right — and then embellished it. I don’t think it’s great, but the model liked it, and we both think it needs vampire fangs.

This was my first time drawing in pen since I started taking these classes, and I’m really happy with how the second drawing (above) came out. Part of my problem with my pen drawings before was that they had no variation in line, but this time I discovered that the extra-fine point lets me do subtle layers of cross-hatching very easily. Hooray! This merits more experimentation.

Not sure whether I’ll get a chance to clock out later — we’re going to Palo Alto (possibly) and then San Jose — so I’ll say that so far today I’ve done my morning pages, a moment’s brainstorming on the novel, and have begun selecting the pieces for Shra’s decoupage box. I’m very sleepy since we stayed up last night to watch the meteor shower with Caroline (it wasn’t entirely worth it, either), so I don’t know how productive I’ll be during the remainder of the day.