Sweet relief to be back home

Ahhhh, sweet relief at being back home after a weekend in San Jose! Day got off to a slightly slow start, but did my morning pages and then dealt with emails, tidying and such for a while. After lunch, set up the vintage folding table we got from Erik’s parents months ago as a new craft station for my office. Right now it looks nice and neat and is making me very happy. I’ll try it out after dinner, I think. After that, I typed up notes I made over the weekend into my novel brainstorming page; this took long enough that I didn’t have time to do the same with the brainstorming I’d written up for the “young authors’ faire” story. That’s fine; it’ll be a good thing to start with for tomorrow, and I’m pleased to have a bit of easy work left over.

I took a real rest day yesterday (well, as restful as being with a stressed-out family can be) after working hard all day at the beach on Saturday… no, that’s not the oxymoron it sounds like. I went as moral support/chaperone with my dad and Al and seven of her friends. So it was kind of a tense beach day for me, and I coped by finishing as much as I’d like to read right now of Douglas Wolk’s comics history/criticism book, doing pages, making a sketch, and writing out a whole ton of brainstorming on both the novel and the short story. It was pretty tiring, so I was glad for the rest yesterday, but today (now that I’m back at work) I’m thankful for all that foundation-laying.

Tired now — too much computer time today added to all that car time I’ve logged in the past couple of weeks. I’ve got a lot to do after dinner but the computer will be off. Here’s the sketch I did at the beach:

Oh, and I forgot that I also spent some of my morning writing a blog entry on my weekend. Here it is. I knew I felt like I’d been more productive this morning!