Rug-finishing day

Hmm, what did I do today? Wrote good morning pages. Finished the braided rug (see previous post). Played a whole lot of Aveyond. Got sideswiped by Mommy’s news that she has sciatica. Commented on Eurie’s post-race entry, and chatted with Lisa on Facebook. Took a shower, brainstormed one paragraph of novel. That’s about it. Oh, and realized that I revealed this blog to Eurie in my comment on her blog. That’s okay, but I went back and reread the entire journal (for the first time ever) just to see.

I’d be feeling bad about lack of productivity, but it’s hard when the rug is done and everyone on FB seems to love it. I got back to brainstorming the novel for the first time in several days. I have portrait class tonight. And I realized, when rereading this entire art journal, I’ve made a lot of progress and have really been learning how this all works. So it’s hard to feel too bad.

I know I’d have gotten more done if it weren’t for Aveyond; this, while not actually comforting (why can’t I control myself around that game?!), at least doesn’t indicate that I’m doomed as an artist (because the next Aveyond installment after this one won’t be out till November). I hope not to lose tomorrow to Aveyond too, but who can say? Past record is against me!

Anyway, I’m really glad the rug is done and getting nice feedback.