Last work day in July

Today was a good work day in spite of some craziness in the morning. I woke up, wrote a blog entry based on a dream I had last night, clocked in retroactively for yesterday, and uploaded portraits I did in class. Then I made a potato omelet, and Erik and I decided to go to Bridges, running some errands on the way. While we were in the car I called Lisa, and found out that she, Jason, and Jackie are all having crises and can’t come up for book club this weekend. Then Jackie called me and while Erik went into Bridges, I sat outside and talked to her for forty-five minutes. Oy. Our life is easy. After we hung up I went to Bridges and made a new to-do list and sent some texts based on our changed weekend plans, and then we went home.

Whenever I hear about drama in my friends’ lives it always changes my internal dynamic for the day. When life proceeds normally, my energy is focused on myself and my work, but when other people are having crises, my energy flows outward toward them. It’s not the same as when people throw toxic crap into your life, but it can still be jarring. Luckily, having realized this, I was able to understand what I was feeling. Erik and I went for pho and talked about it, and when we finished, we got some buns and then I was ready to get back to work.

I did float around a bit in the afternoon because I was full (also realized that eating too much sugar on a not-quite-full stomach will give me a headache. This is probably what happened on Tuesday too. I’ll have to watch out for this) and had a bit of a headache. Then I decided I should attend to my long-neglected braided rug, so I started on that, but it was so frustrating I almost wanted to throw in the towel. Finally I thought what the heck, I’ll just try the technique I found in Erik’s old 70s crafts book, and lo and behold it was amazing. I’m able to sew slightly faster and with far less frustration. So the rug actually is coming along very nicely, though my fingertips are quite sore.

I’ve also been experimenting a bit with brainstorming the novel while sewing the rug. It’s not the best brainstorming environment, but it does work a bit.

I was hoping the number of July entries in this journal would exceed my previous record month — I think it’s May — but now it will merely tie it. Oh well, there’s always August! 🙂