Writing and drawing day

Busy sort of day today, even if I didn’t start till 10:30. Wrote my morning pages, read bits of Further Chronicles of Avonlea for fun, bummed around a lot feeling torpid, did an entire week’s worth of Artist’s Way reading and exercises, did my singing practice accompanied by decoupage cutting, got severe twinges in forearms so did many stretches from my book (must remember to do this regularly, every day, all day long — get another session in before end of work day today), wrote one more page of my “young authors’ faire” story which is coming along nicely (pirate-ship bed for the little boy! splendid idea, must make sure there’s no rigging he can accidentally strangle himself on), did some more drawing practice including several quick cartoony sketches, a couple of fun free sketches (my anatomy is getting much much better; could actually diagnose and fix some problems this time), and this Asian woman who actually looks Asian (from a photo):

Not the most productive day ever, but very adequate, especially given my state of heat-induced lethargy. Today is really my Thursday so I mustn’t complain — and tomorrow is Harry Potter and we’ve tickets for a 10 AM show!!

The drawing is coming along splendidly; I have much more control over shading and line than I used to, and can also copy photos with an increasing sense of mastery (though I still have trouble with proportion). The writing, too, is fun; both writing and drawing are tiring, though, and I begin to fidget after half an hour and fatigue more after an hour. And I must, must, MUST remember to stretch constantly, or my body will give out long before my skills are where I want them to be.

Artist’s Way was extremely motivational; don’t know why I left it so long.