An organic dream

I dreamed we began to receive three CSA boxes instead of our usual one. One was the produce box we always get, another was a produce box we would donate to a needy family, and the third was a mishmash of organic or sustainably-raised groceries that we would also keep for ourselves. Whereas when we open our produce box it’s full of vegetables and fruits kept loose or in bags, the mishmash box had an insert in it to divide it into compartments that lined up in a neat grid. Inside we found a hunk of crusty French bread, whole-grain crackers and hazelnut-chocolate praliné spread, a giant rectangular bratwurst with a texture like good meatloaf, the most lusciously tender cavolo nero (which I guess is a treat in my mind, and not mere produce!), and I can’t remember what else. It was the most sensory dream I’ve had in a while; I could feel the leaves of kale, the crisp break of the crackers when I bit into them, and I could *almost* just taste the sweet richness of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.