Coastal family day

I enjoyed this day. It was over 90 degrees here, but we met the family in Half Moon Bay and spent a cool day at the tidepools, hiking, stuffing our faces at Sam’s Chowder House, and hanging out afterward at New Leaf to beat the traffic and get some much-needed quiet time and dinner. As it turns out, it’s been just about one year since Erik and I first came to these sites in Half Moon Bay — Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, New Leaf, Sam’s Chowder House — and it was lovely to revisit them, this time with family, with our happy memories, and with my new artist’s eye. I got tired and sore and headachy, but I didn’t get sunburnt, and I climbed some trees! And some water and waves-watching soon took care of the headache.

I brought my camera along, but since we’d been here before, I didn’t “need” to take any photos of the scene — but I did, for visual reference and inspiration. I snapped shots of colorful corals I liked, undulating seaweed, erosion patterns in rock, and so forth, and I’ve placed all these in a folder marked with today’s date and location in my Visual File folder on my desktop. I hope I’ll remember to refer to them in future. I figure if I do this with enough photos and locales we visit, I can start really making use of this folder in the way I intended when I began it years ago for Barney’s children’s book class!!

Writing a bit about each day at the end of it helps cement my thoughts in writing, too, and probably helps me sleep better!

Here are photos.