Today’s cool discoveries – free/discounted event tickets
You give them up to three zip codes where you like to hang out, and they give you free or discounted tickets for local events: sports, shopping, concerts, comedy, theater, art, all kinds of stuff. So far I’ve been very impressed with what they’ve turned up for my area.

100% Pure – natural beauty
Organic, vegan/vegetarian, not-animal-tested skincare and makeup with no synthetic chemicals or fragrances. My yoga teacher told us about their lotions this morning when we commented how good she smelled, so I went to their Berkeley shop to check them out. Everything smells delicious and not fakey — I want to eat it! — and they actually make a lip gloss that is non-sticky (though it doesn’t have much staying power). I know where I’ll be getting my bath and body products from now on.

Rumi – mystical poetry
A beautiful teacher named Lorien subbed for one of my regular yoga classes this morning. She led a much more rigorous vinyasa-style class than I’m used to, but I enjoyed and needed it. During savasana (final relaxation), as we hovered in that open place between conscious thinking and unconscious dremaing, she read us two poems by the ancient poet Rumi.

I always forget how incredible poetry can be until I hear it read aloud, and then I remember — ah yes, this is what the fuss is all about. The first poem, “The Center of the Fire,” evoked images of war and death, which were startlingly powerful in the post-energetic calm of the yoga studio. The second poem’s title eludes me, but I remember this from it, which has resonated through my mind all day:

The mystery does not get clearer by repeating the question,
nor is it bought with going to amazing places.
Until you’ve kept your eyes
and your wanting still for fifty years,
you don’t begin to cross over from confusion.