A challenging day

Oh it’s been a rough day. It’s been a rough week, come to that. I think I had some emotional exhaustion following Angela and Alex’s wedding, and then Erik and I got hit by another driver yesterday while on the highway (luckily very minor impact, but our heads and necks are still a bit “off”), and we’ve been going back and forth between here, the South Bay, SF, and the Peninsula a lot lately, so we’re tired and the house is a mess. After two days of not getting much done, I determined to make today a pick-up day. I began by doing all the tidying, organizing, and dish-washing I’d been skipping, and that helped a lot. But then I sat down to make a Chrysanthemum pochette (from the Omiyage book Tina gave me) and after two hours of work, I had a poufy mess. I was tired, hungry, and frustrated by this time, and I took it out on Erik, and we had a mild fight. We talked it out over torta and burrito at Tortas y Taqueria Los Picudos #2, and I concluded that I need both a schedule and a time checklist to keep from feeling this time-stretched in future. Then we had a walk and saw goats, and now I’m perfectly happy!

Lessons learned today:


  • Thick fabrics are not very forgiving in small spaces.
  • Drawstring tunnels are not very forgiving in small spaces. Best to make them as narrow as possible.
  • I can’t always trust the directions in my Omiyage book.


  • My list of what occupies my time grows longer every week.
  • Everything on that list occupies my thoughts even if I’m not actively working on every item.
  • The longer I go without working on something, the more stressed out I get about it.
  • The more behind I get on things, the more frantic I get, and the less well I manage my time.
  • I need a way to keep track of my activities where time tradeoffs are apparent and I can monitor how much time I’m spending on each one.
  • I need a daily and a weekly schedule.

Weekly scheduling –  My week will look approximately like this:

  • Mondays: foundation work (decoupage prep, sorting fabrics, tidying, etc)
  • Tuesdays: art/drawing
  • Wednesdays: writing
  • Thursdays: singing, decoupage
  • Fridays: free for whatever else I need to work on that week

Daily scheduling – My workday should begin at a defined time each day (say 9 AM) and end at a defined time (5 PM). Any work that gets done either before or after that is just for fun, and housework/breaks may occur during the day.

Whew. I hope this works for the rest of the week. I don’t want to have another breakdown like I did this evening.