Another good work day

I got an Etsy shipment of vintage buttons today. They need cleaning. This hurts my hands and eyes and back, but it’s kind of satisfying — I just need to portion it out in small doses!

Leigh-Michil wants to buy the portrait I made of her yesterday. I’ve told her I will give it to her gladly, but the fact that she is willing to pay for it makes me feel immensely satisfied. All day I have been drawing this knowledge out like a talisman, and each time it delights me.

I made this second pastel drawing today:

Happy with it — pastels are hard to work with in small spaces, so I used colored pencils for parts of the face, and this worked beautifully. I will try it again another day.

I also had a really fun singing lesson today, a quick invigorating ramble, and read some more Patricia Wrede. A good, satisfying day.


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