Almost done with first decoupaged cigar box

I’ve finished decoupaging the interior of my cigar box. I did the box interior in whites, some of them quite random, because I ran out of stony/architectural whites. I added a silver coin in a strategic location and was pleased at the effect. I did the inside of the lid in golds, because I didn’t have enough whites and didn’t want to use more browns. It’s a little hodgepodgy, but looks all right. The overall effect of the box is quite stunning, I think, just because there’s so much decoupage and it looks quite lush.

Insights from today’s session:

  • I need to replenish my stocks after each single-color project. And I need to build up more stocks in certain colors.
  • Putting lotion on my hands before working makes the Mod Podge harder to remove from my fingers (counterintuitive, but I think it’s something to do with the way the lotion reacts with the Mod Podge — makes it flake up on my skin instead of peeling off easily).
  • Spreading a very thin coat of Mod Podge on the backs of pieces helps avoid wrinkles.
  • I didn’t work nearly as long as I thought I would, but I was still very tired. Forty-five minutes is too long to decoupage without taking a break, and a quick bathroom break before another forty-minute session is not adequate.
  • I have superb fine motor skills. I bow down to my hands and what they can do.
  • Next time I do a box where I plan to cover the very edges, I should do the edges first, and then layer on top of those.
  • I must remember not to put any pieces too close to the hinge, because their height makes the box not close tightly anymore.
  • I should write up a description of this box for Etsy while it’s still fresh in my mind; later on, I might not remember what I was thinking of when I made this one.
  • I can’t decoupage the hinge, so I might paint it gold, or gold-leaf it.

If this doesn’t take quite as long as I’d originally thought, I might be able to charge less for the finished product — though not a whole lot less. I’m thinking maybe $150 instead of $200, but that still might be undervaluing my work. Must think on this.

I posted about needing magazines on Facebook, and Heather is going to send me some. Eurie may also be able to save some from her work for me. Yay! I thought last night to ask Caroline about saving me some travel guides that would otherwise go to shredder — will have to ask her about that next time I see her.

A FabMo regular is organizing a FabMo-exclusive exhibit in October. I’ve emailed her to ask whether she wants pieces made exclusively/mostly from FabMo materials only; if so, my things won’t qualify.

Tina sent me a wonderful book on making small cute Japanese things out of fabrics. I will use my FabMo scraps to make some of these.

I’m totally worn out after doing this box. I think decoupaging takes a lot out of me. I must think of ways to relax and re-energize afterward. Right now I’m thinking cooking dinner; we’ll see whether that works!