Etsy shop in extremely beginning stages

As long as I have enough source material, I may open an Etsy shop sometime in the next month. I have been making lots of collages and decoupaged boxes lately, and am pleased enough with them to feel confident putting them up for sale. I have a bit more testing and research to do, and want to have a decent-sized inventory before the shop goes public, so I won’t be opening for a while, but I expect much of my time will go into this in the coming weeks. I have already set some balls rolling, and I’m quite excited.

I have realized that with the amount of time I put into each creation, from sourcing the materials to putting them together, there is no way I can make these affordable — which kind of drives me crazy, but I’d be compromising artistic and personal integrity otherwise. So I will be selling things that I wouldn’t personally be able to buy. Sigh.

I don’t have a photo of the kind of thing I’d be selling, but here’s a different sample of my collage-making:

My boxes look very different from this; this one is more geometric and colorful, while the boxes are variations on single color schemes and are more free-form in their design. But this gives you a sense of what I’m talking about when I say collage.

Now I just need to make sure I have enough magazine clippings to get me through my launch inventory. 😉