Collage lessons

I went to yoga this morning and had a lovely chat with Kimber after class. Erik came to pick me up so she met him too. Afterward Erik and I went to Pepito’s Deli for lunch, where I stuffed my face (too hungry) and then felt unsettled from the cheese all the rest of the afternoon — luckily not too bad, but it’s been long enough since my stomach complained that I want it to not happen again!

I’m pretty tired today; we spent much of the afternoon tidying and cleaning, but I also did some work on a wall collage for Jackie. It didn’t come out very well, or at least, not uniformly well. There are parts of it I really like, where colors and lines blend together, but other parts look choppy and very high-school-yearbook-collage. I tried out the matte finish Collage Pauge and I don’t like it as much as Mod Podge. It made the ink come off on my fingers, and because it’s a squeeze bottle and not a wide-necked jar, I had to pour out some of the medium into a tray, and that was minorly annoying. But mostly I didn’t like the ink smearing. The matte finish is kind of interesting, though; maybe I should try some matte Mod Podge after this runs out. It makes the edges of the papers stand out more, so I wonder if I could do some kind of sculptural multimedia thing with the unsuccessful wall collage.

Next I am thinking I’ll try a new wall collage in a quilt pattern, maybe even turning it into a mandala instead. I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time because I have accumulated a whole lot of very small printed scraps, and I think it’d be fun to “quilt” this way. I might give this one to Jackie or to Shra if it turns out well.

Oh, and I’ve been thinking it would be helpful to have a brush stand, someplace I can set my brush during those moments when I’m working but not actually using the brush right that second. It’d have to be something that would hold the brush tip off the work surface without causing it to drip, or with some kind of reservoir for the drips. I wonder if there are stands that are made for Chinese calligraphy brushes; I’ve never seen one for Western painters and I have no idea why. Next time I come across a Chinese-painting section in an art shop, I’ll check it out.

I also want to try drawing with pastels soon — Erik brought back a wonderful huge pastel set from his childhood, and it’s the biggest assortment of colors I’ve ever seen in the medium.

Clocking out is starting to feel like an established, welcome routine now, so I’m glad for that.