Another work day

Let’s see, what did I do today?

AM – gardening for about 1h 20 min (included moderate weeding and transplanting of eight sprouties), breakfast, email/internet, wrote a good journal entry, organized Art and Wellness clippings into binders

PM – lunch, collage clipping, errand to Grocery Outlet to buy outdoor umbrella, snack time under new umbrella, housewarming party-planning, collage clipping, page tearing, more organizing of old art clippings

Around 5 I totally fatigued of organizing and clipping, and colored a mandala instead, which was fun if not totally rejuvenating. Interestingly, my color choices have changed from the last time I did a mandala (which was shortly after we’d moved in). I think I’m feeling freer and more creative now, and going through old art clippings definitely indicates that I am.

And yet… I’m feeling very, very drained right now. Could it be the large helping of disgusting fake-cheese Cheez-It twisty things I ate in the afternoon? The absence of yoga in my morning? The many bug bites I suffered during this morning’s gardening (at least three on my back, at least three more on my arms)? I suspect an after-dinner ramble might help, but I’m afraid of sustaining more bug attacks. What can I do at home that will re-inspire and fill the well?