First on-campus workday

I had a split workday today, with success if not stamina. In the morning, I did my daily pages and followed them with some Artist’s Way. Then I plotted the rest of the day’s activities and packed a bag accordingly. After lunch, I accompanied Bright to the Berkeley campus, where I found myself a spot in the North Reading Room of Doe Library and spent about 45 minutes drawing and another 45 or so backwards-planning American Unknown and Feast of Discovery (sigh… I hate titles, and am bad at devising them). This was useful and highly satisfactory, but after this period, I became very tired, and left the library to sit outside in the sun and read Dorothy Sayers (Peter and Harriet are married at last! So delightful!). I think I need to work myself up to being able to sit and draw or write for longer than a couple of hours at a time. It really does exhaust me right now, but looking at my backwards-planned project sheets, I will need to be working far longer hours than that to get anything done in less than one year’s time per project!