Botanical drawings

Some more sketches for you!

Friday evening, I went to Jackie’s and had a great time sketching in her apartment (excellent natural light!). I especially liked her full-length mirror — ours is in the bathroom, where the light is just terrible — and used it to draw some self-portraits. Here’s one:
Drawings5 004
Erik likes it, because last time I tried to draw a full-length picture of myself, I did it from memory and he exclaimed, “That doesn’t look like you! That is a- a walrus!” Apparently I am not actually as fat as I think I am.

This evening we went to Coldwater Canyon Park to do a TreePeople-sponsored botanical illustration class. It was a lot of fun!

Some pretty oak leaves:

Drawings5 010

My main drawing of the evening, a little sprig of some plant with berries:

Very pleased with this one.

It’s hard for me to draw three-dimensional objects with sticky-out bits because I can’t wink, and that really makes it difficult to translate 3-D objects into flat images. So I did parts of this one with one hand over my eye. Awkward, but it works. I’ll have to think of something more sustainable though.

And, as we took a little post-drawing hike around the park, we saw the most magnificent moonrise. I didn’t have a camera, so I grabbed my sketchbook and pencil and scribbled this down:

Drawings5 011

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