More pictors

Because Bright requested more, and I have some to show!

First, though, a wonderful crayon drawing Erik did of Tisha. He later added more background to it.

The drawing:

The model in a different “pose”:

A colored-pencil dancer.

Pen-and-marker girls.

Pen-and-marker dancer. This is my first non-horrible rear-view drawing, and the first figure drawing in which I really tried to think about the anatomy and not just where I thought things should go. I’m quite pleased.

And finally, here’s a drawing from my artist date for this week: a fun house inspired by an afternoon’s reading of Dr Seuss and Richard Scarry.

Enjoy! 🙂

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2 responses to “More pictors

  1. hey, I didn’t know that Eric was an artist too! Very nice!

    Also, I love Tisha’s toe pads. Cute!

    Encore, as always 🙂

    • Yes, Erik is way better at drawing realistic stuff than I am. 🙂 He gives good critiques of my drawings when things don’t fall in the right place.

      Tisha’s toe pads are one of his most adorable features. He has huge, elegant, ballet-shoe feet.

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