Vacation – Day 6!

Day 6 – Mountains, trees, and beaches

Not a whole lot to report for today. After dropping to bed all worn out yesterday, I woke up well rested this morning but a little bit frustrated at how little time we’ve had to do anything but drive. We have seen some pretty places and had some great walks, but mostly, we’ve just been on the road. We’d hoped for this trip to be a creative retreat as well as a road trip to Portland, but it turns out we can’t do both, at least if we’re going to go along the coast. So I had a little grump-fest today while we drove, but we logged fewer road hours today and checked in at our motel a couple hours earlier than what we’ve been doing, so we have time to get some writing in before bed. Finally!

We’re pleased with the motel, too; our luck with lodgings continues. We passed up several other establishments in the same neighborhood with the same price and AAA rating, before I got a good feeling about this one. The super-friendly lobby clerk greeted us with freshly baked cookies, and informed us that tomorrow morning we get an actual breakfast instead of the usual “Continental” crud. She also told us about a Chinese restaurant down the street that was perfectly decent. So we’re happy. And we’re doing laundry, so our clothes are happy too.

It’s ridiculously windy here and we can hear it from inside our room — blowing and blowing and blowing, and sometimes shaking the windows as well. Getting stuff out from the car is a little fight each time.

I forgot to mention earlier in the week that junk food is only appealing for about a day. Before this trip, as some of you know, I was super-excited about getting to eat lots of roadside fried treats and potato chips and stuff like that. After a couple of days of that, we both felt disgusting, and made a vow to be healthier for the rest of the trip. We’ve made a conscious effort to drink more water (and therefore stop more and walk around more) and eat fresh fruits and vegetables as often as possible. We’ve stuck to it very well and feel so much better now.

Only a few pictors today:

The woods were thick and lovely all around us for most of today’s route.

The coastline is different in Oregon — lots of dunes, and some big rocks — but we don’t have too many good pictures of it because we didn’t stop (too windy) and because I was driving most of the time (Erik’s not as camera-happy).

We also went over some pretty old bridges… again, though, it’s hard to get good photos of bridges when you’re driving over them!

Laundry’s done now and I’m turning over the computer to Erik so he can compose. Tomorrow we’ll be in Portland!

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