Vacation – Day 4!

Day 4 – aka the day of sooo many cows

Through nice people and serendity, we get to stay here tonight for way less than the usual rate.

Can we move to Mendocino?

We are tired, so today I just give you this, the highlight of the day:

Erik took this using my camera’s self timer; there was no one else around for as far as we could see.

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6 responses to “Vacation – Day 4!

    • We are! Only we didn’t realize quite how much driving we’d have to do to get to Portland (our destination) on Hwys 1 and 101, so we haven’t had much time for art-making. Sigh. Next time we will be aware that an artistic retreat and a road trip with a far-off destination need to be two separate trips. ;b

    • Moocows

      We kept seeing them, everywhere we went! There would be cows in the fields, cows grazing really close to the road, and in one case when we were driving up along the coastal cliffs, there were cows right on the roadside and we had to be careful not to hit them. There was even a big cow pat in the middle of the highway close to that place. O_o I took tons of pictures of them — Erik said I was becoming a cow-tourist — but was too tired that night to post them. I’ll get them onto my flickr later, for sure. 🙂

  1. i love this picture of you and erik. it is way too cute! 🙂 – alison (i remembered to sign my name this time :T)

    • Aw thank you! We like it too — it was hard to get a decent angle with the late-afternoon light — and it’s the desktop wallpaper right now on Erik’s laptop. 😉

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