Vacation – Day 1!

Last night we had a wonderful July Fourth send-off party for Ying and Ståle that went on until we finally crawled back home at 3:30. As soon as we said goodbye to Ying and I got in the car I started crying, which I still want to do when I think Ying and Ståle will no longer live in LA by the time we get back there. 😦

Our vacation, however, is off to a good if sleepy start! We left LA around 3 this afternoon, drove through gorgeous Malibu and passed through Santa Barbara, stopping for the night in Solvang. Everything here seems to close before 6 or 8 PM, but we’re exhausted and brought our own food anyway, so we don’t care. Our hotel is lovely and quiet, the room is actually pretty and not too institutional looking, and the windows open (really open) so we get nice fresh air in. The weather’s gorgeous. We packed our own salad, scrambled-egg sammiches, white nectarines, and leftover red velvet cake — and sooo many snackies — and are enjoying each other’s company even more than the food. 😉 So, Day 1 of our road trip is a success.

And now to bed, FINALLY.

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