Hello morning

I hate this heat. It makes me want to just strip off all my clothes and lie on the floor like a cat — like a hairless cat — and stay there until the sun goes down. Unfortunately, I have to go in to work, and the work clothes I have left (didn’t do laundry this week) are not well suited to the weather. The library is pretty low-key so I have relaxed and allowed myself to wear open-toed shoes, but I still don’t think a tank top is a good idea. It’s gotten bad enough that I’m thinking I might go shopping after work today just to pick up some higher-necked t-shirts or short-sleeved button-downs. Surely keeping myself well-ventilated while at work doesn’t count as “unnecessary spending”…?

On a positive note, we did backbends today in class, and now my body feels so lovely and at ease. Backbends are really hard for me because I have a lot of flexibility in my lower back, so I tend to overarch there and not stretch enough in my mid or upper back. My teacher knows this and helps me adjust and modify and watch out, so even though my backbends are still far far from full, I still feel the results.

Last night I watched Brokeback Mountain for the first time. I cried so hard. I’ve still got the theme song in my head and I’m trying not to keep it there; it’s so melancholy.

Well, off to the library to melt.

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