What I learned today

There’s a tropical fish shop in the Trader Joe’s plaza. Erik and I had talked about starting a fish tank, so today after doing my shopping I thought I’d stop in and see what they had.

They certainly had a lot of fish, most of them very beautiful. They also had these gorgeous translucent things that undulated gently in the water and caught the light in the most wonderful way. I asked the man behind the desk to tell me about them, and he was not very nice about it. He treated me like I was stupid and wasting his time because:
(a) I did not know that things that look like this or this [links broken] are corals,
(b) I was not sure whether corals were plants or animals,
(c) I was not sure whether you had to feed them (yes: liquid food),
(d) I was not sure whether they would grow (they will), and
(e) I did not know that even the smallest tank setup for corals will cost between $300-$1400.

So. I had thought it would be lovely to have a little translucent coral sitting in a bowl on my desk, but now I know it is out of the question. And now I don’t want to keep fish anymore, either, knowing how much it will cost to get a tank and all. I’d rather eat in a nice restaurant or buy more Leona Edmiston dresses!!

But at least I have learned something.

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