Three things

I was driving on Sunset a while back and I saw a car with license plate SLTHRYN. The frame said “Ambitious, not evil!”

When there’s no traffic, I can get from work to home in 10 minutes. Yesterday at 3:00 it took me an hour. I read more than 30 pages of this excellent book while I was driving, and never while the car was moving. So: a lot of stoppage.

I saw Ultima Vez and they were so amazing I’m going again tonight. Last night we sat in the front row center; I got tickets tonight for the front center balcony so I can see it from a different perspective.

I love it when I find creators whose work resonates so well with me that I trust them to see it through, and I don’t feel any curiosity or anxiety about what’s coming next because I know I will like it. I felt that way at Alinea, even though everything I ate there was worlds away from anything I’d ever tasted before. I’ve felt that way at certain concerts, when I knew from the beginning that I would love everything that came after; I feel that way about every class I’ve ever taken at City Yoga. I feel that way about Leona Edmiston‘s dresses; I know that anything she makes, I will feel fabulous wearing, even if it looks weird on the hanger. I love it when I’m happy to just surrender to the magic and not think at all, just sit back, and enjoy.

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