And you?

This weekend I have been lucky enough to see many friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and I’ve realized something. I have no idea how to answer the “how’s life?”/”what’s new?”/”what are you up to these days?” question! I guess the way I’ve always answered is by bringing up whatever’s the latest big and interesting thing in my life, but this time when people asked me, I cast about for a big interesting thing and couldn’t find any. Honestly the way I’d like to answer the question is to explain that I feel like I’m finally figuring out who I am and what I want amid all the noise and clutter that usually obscures our true selves… but that’s an excellent way to kill a conversation, isn’t it, especially because I become very inarticulate on the subject when speaking about it in person. So I just have to say, when asked what’s new, “Uh… nothing! What’s new with you?” Maybe next time I should rehearse an answer beforehand.

Also: just to say it again, I love my Erik. He’s been in San Jose for two weeks now and I’m just so happy to be with him again. How did I end up with such a lovely and delightful partner? We fill each other with joy.

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