Spontaneous! Spontaneous!

Yesterday was my day off work. I went to yoga, came back, talked to Mommy on the phone, and then Margaret came over and we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening doing very random fun stuff. We had lunch at The Griddle Cafe (good BBQ shrimp salad — so much BBQ sauce I didn’t have to use the ranch dressing!), then drove out to Venice to go to the beach. Then we got sidetracked by Jin Patisserie:

I had peach-marigold (?) green tea, and raspberries with clotted cream and sugar!

[photo removed]
Margaret had a cappuccino, a lovely chocolate cake, and some sweet little filled chocolates.

We sat on the patio and talked until it was totally dark outside and quite chilly. Then we found sale clothes (70% off!) at Salt, and sampled intriguing fragrances at Strange Invisible Perfumes (an adventure in itself… a very odd but wonderful shop).

On our way home we bought some dinner at Whole Foods, and took it up to Jason’s for movie night + Project Runway + very good cheesecake (Jason’s creation).

We came back to my apartment and talked until the wee hours, culminating in a 2 AM decision to go snowboarding at Mountain High tomorrow. I have never been snowboarding, and I haven’t been to the snow in years. I went to Sport Chalet this afternoon and got thermals, long socks, and a beanie (all mine are in San Jose), and tomorrow morning I’ll drive over to Margaret’s very early and we’ll head out. Craziness. Excitingness.

I guess this is what happens when Erik goes away for a week. ;b

I’m just kidding! I’ve been in strange moods since I got back from vacation, taking a dislike to some of my old activities while trying new ones. I guess I really feel like reinventing myself this year.

We’ll see about snowboarding.

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