The joys of working in the public library

An extremely vague, rambly man came into the center today. Eventually I figured out that (a) he was looking for the other Lisa (the senior librarian), but (b) he had decided to stay and chat with me anyway because he felt that my work was important and he wanted to talk with someone who would choose to do what I do. He also told me he had purchased a bag of rice today (and he held up a crumpled-looking brown paper bag) for only $1.25 and was pleased with the deal. And he’d had his first fish taco, in which, in his words, “the fish was in there somewhere” (he repeated this twice). He finally left when, after many questions, I was not forthcoming on the subject of my history MA.

Later I found the other Lisa and asked, somewhat apologetically, “Did a weird man come find you?”

To which she replied, “Yes. But luckily, a weird woman was already in my office talking to me so the weird man left!”

This kind of thing has already happened many more times than I ever expected, but I’m still a little taken aback each time. There are so many unique kinds of weirdness… or maybe there are only a few kinds but people are unique and put their own spin on it. Beats me.

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