New favorite thing

Barbara Kingsolver’s short story, “Covered Bridges.” I wanted to cry when I finished reading it, even though it’s not (necessarily) a sad story.

I need badly to update my About Me page [now offline] so I can post new favorites as they develop. But, as with the rest of my site, the page is so convolutedly worn — the internet equivalent of rusty hinges, and dust and cobwebs crammed into every crevice — that I can’t bring myself to make the massive overhaul that’s needed. One of these days I will sweep the whole thing aside and start afresh, but for now I can’t muster that kind of energy. I’m already trying to do that with my life, sort of, so how can I expect myself to waste effort on fixing something as insignificant as my web space?

I got home today around four and puttered for an hour or two, until I finally forced myself to get up and go to Trader Joe’s. I then spent the next three hours mixing, baking, prepping, and cooking: two loaves of pumpkin bread (for another work potluck tomorrow), a pot of spinach soup, an enormous quantity of broccoli and bucati, and a panful of tomato sauce. Three hours that could have been spent in writing or drawing, all gone into three pots’ and two loaf pans’ worth of space. My newly streamlined life is pleasant, but maintaining it is time-consuming. I don’t know how anyone manages with kids.

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