Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve been at my parents’ home in San Jose for two and a half days now. I’ve managed to eat some nice healthy soup and a good number of rich cookies, gotten in one session of running and one of exercising on our (new!) elliptical machine (which Mommy called the “elliptipickle machine” this morning, for which I have not stopped teasing her), and decluttered and completely reorganized my room. This last feels especially wonderful. I’ve also hung out with Erik’s family and my own, played a lot of Wii, and finished Laura Ingalls Wilder’s “Little House” series for this year (it’s one of my many winter traditions). Last year, I was so “good” during Thanksgiving, I really couldn’t enjoy it. I filled up on vegetables and ate almost no dessert during the holiday meal, and afterward felt virtuous but miserable. This year I think I’ve struck a good balance between indulgence and good behavior — I think the Wilder has helped a bit. 🙂 It’s been an especially pleasant weekend, and we’ve still got one more day of it!

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