Still no ring. Two calls later we finally reached an English-speaking person at Empanadas Place, and he couldn’t help us either. I demanded that he take down my phone number, though, just in case.

Melodramatic as it sounds, I feel like my life sort of splits into pre-losing-of-the-ring and post-losing-ring now.

I look at this photo and I want to caption it “twobugs in happier days,” even though Shra took it just last Thursday. You can see me wearing my new glasses in it.

On a truly happier note, though, I am very pleased with how my work is going in my comics class. I’ll write more about this after I find my ring… or after the class comes to a close, whichever comes first. 😐 Or whenever I start feeling like writing more again on any topic other than the ring search.

One other thing: E L Konigsburg (Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler author)’s book Up From Jericho Tel is really lovely. I don’t love all her other books, but Mixed-Up Files, A View from Saturday, and maybe now this one are in my all-time favorites list.

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7 responses to “Twobugs

  1. Where is the comics class? Is it at UCLA? I’d be all over that if it was.

    Don’t stress to much about the ring…objects are just objects, right? You haven’t lost anything but a symbol.

    • It’s UCLA Extension — Writing for Sequential Art, taught by Nunzio DeFilippis on Wednesday evenings. Most of the geekery is over my head since I don’t read superhero comics or follow fantasy TV shows, but I am enjoying it. You probably would too, though I just got the fall catalog today and they’re not offering the course this term. If you’re interested in seeing it I will send you a copy of the syllabus.

      It’s weird about the ring. Part of me is reasonably content without it, on the grounds that it is just a lump of metal (albeit a beautifully shaped lump of metal) and doesn’t mean anything in itself. This is the part that’s still blogging and doing homework and whatnot. But another part of me, which continues to cast a pall over my emotional state, really feels the ring’s absence as a loss. It may have been a mere object, but it was an object that was with me at almost all times, which carried wonderful memories and which I adored aesthetically just as much as I did sentimentally. Oddly enough it’s the tactile presence of it I miss most; the thought of never being able to feel its weight or touch its intricate surfaces again makes me really, really sad. Also, there’s no closure yet because I haven’t personally searched every corner of the apartment yet, so until then I’m still in emotional limbo about it.

  2. Sorry

    Hey Lisa, its Heather. I am sorry that you misplaced your ring (notice it is not lost.) I hope you find it and I know what you mean regarding your feelings toward an object. I know it is just an object, however it was something given to you in love. That is upsetting. Take heart and hope to see you soon.

    • Re: Sorry

      Thank you, Heather! You know exactly how I feel. Are you ever on campus after you teach on Wednesdays? I’d love to have dinner with you sometime. If you read this send me an email and let me know; otherwise I’m going to email you sometime soon.

  3. *HUG* i didn’t blog about this, but i also lost the promise ring alan gave me, quite some time ago. i was completely distraught. *HUGS AGAIN* you will get through it – and i really really really hope you find it!!!

    • Oh no!! I didn’t know you lost your ring. 😦 They’re such easy things to lose — I’ve actually lost several before, including the first one Erik gave me back in Berkeley, so it feels even more frustrating that it’s happened yet again. 😦 Thank you for your understanding comment!

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