Still no ring. Two calls later we finally reached an English-speaking person at Empanadas Place, and he couldn’t help us either. I demanded that he take down my phone number, though, just in case.

Melodramatic as it sounds, I feel like my life sort of splits into pre-losing-of-the-ring and post-losing-ring now.

I look at this photo and I want to caption it “twobugs in happier days,” even though Shra took it just last Thursday. You can see me wearing my new glasses in it.

On a truly happier note, though, I am very pleased with how my work is going in my comics class. I’ll write more about this after I find my ring… or after the class comes to a close, whichever comes first. 😐 Or whenever I start feeling like writing more again on any topic other than the ring search.

One other thing: E L Konigsburg (Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler author)’s book Up From Jericho Tel is really lovely. I don’t love all her other books, but Mixed-Up Files, A View from Saturday, and maybe now this one are in my all-time favorites list.

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