The Getty Center

Shra and I had a lovely visit to the Getty today! We had a delicious lunch at the restaurant and we wandered the gardens (I was reminded of a happy afternoon spent there with Margaret many months ago!). Also, we ran into David Wong Louie, which was fun. The longer I stay in LA, the more likely I am to run into people all over the city — it’s a fabulous feeling, in a city as large and diverse as this one.

Special thanks and much gratitude go to chiffonade for the parking pass! You helped us make our decision to go to the restaurant. 😉

Some photos from the afternoon are here, and I’ll be uploading more in the days to come. Samples:

I set a timer on this one and raced back, jumping into the shot just in time.

Doesn’t Shra look cheerful?

I was full of yummy lunch at this point.

One of the many school groups.

I took a bunch of photos of the beautiful flowers, specifically to use as desktop wallpapers. Feel free to download and use them too!

Tomorrow is fooding day, because we are going to Penzeys, Eboshi Ramen or Kotosh at Kamiyama, Chantilly, Surfas, and Empanadas Place! Eee!

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